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Welcome to Action Detective, your trusted Private Detective Agency In Bareilly. In a world full of uncertainties, trust us to bring you clarity and peace of mind. Our local presence ensures we’re just a call away, ready to handle your case with the utmost secrecy and efficiency. Whether it’s a personal matter or a business concern, our team of experienced detectives is here to provide you with comprehensive investigative solutions.

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Action Detective is an ISO Certified and MSME registered private detective agency established in 2009. With a network of skilled investigators spread across major Indian cities, we specialize in a variety of services from matrimonial investigations to corporate fraud detection. At Action Detective, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, ensuring that your case is handled discreetly and with the utmost care.

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Registered and Certified Private Detective Agency in Bareilly

  1. Local Expertise: Our UP-based agents understand the local context deeply, which enhances our capability to handle cases effectively in the region.
  2. Wide Range of Services: From personal investigations like pre and post-matrimonial checks to complex corporate investigations, we offer comprehensive solutions.
  3. Advanced Technology: We utilize the latest surveillance technologies and investigative methods to gather accurate information.
  4. Ethical Methods: Our operations are strictly governed by legal and ethical standards, ensuring that the investigations are conducted without any legal repercussions.
  5. Client Confidentiality: We guarantee the highest level of secrecy and privacy throughout the investigation process.

Choosing Action Detective means opting for a trusted detective agency with a proven track record. Our commitment to delivering detailed, reliable results with speed and accuracy makes us a leader in the detective services field in Uttar Pradesh. We understand the sensitive nature of investigations, which is why we approach every case with a tailored, confidential strategy. Let us help you uncover the truth and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

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800+ Reviews

"After noticing some inconsistencies in my business's financial records in Lucknow, I contacted Action Detective for a financial fraud investigation. Their team was quick to respond and very discreet in their approach. They utilized their expertise to uncover evidence of embezzlement that had been skillfully hidden. Thanks to their thorough investigation, we were able to address the issue directly and implement stronger controls to prevent future fraud. Their services in Lucknow were invaluable."

"When my family started receiving anonymous threats, we contacted to Action for help. Their investigators were sensitive to our concerns and immediately began a comprehensive surveillance operation to identify the source. They worked meticulously, and their efforts led to identifying the individual responsible, allowing us to take legal action. The peace of mind they provided during this stressful time was a godsend. Their work in Kanpur was not just professional but also incredibly reassuring."

"Facing doubts about my fiancé's background in Agra, I enlisted Action Detective for a pre-matrimonial investigation. Their team handled the situation with the utmost respect and confidentiality. They gathered detailed information about his past, finances, and social standing, which allayed my fears and confirmed his sincerity. The clarity they brought to my personal life in Agra was truly appreciated, helping me move forward with confidence in my decision to marry."

"When my daughter went to Varanasi for college, I got worried that she might be getting into trouble due to her new friends there. So I looked for a private investigation agency for personal investigation to understand her social circle better. Their team was empathetic and provided me with secret surveillance service that helped me understand the situation better without alerting my daughter. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded, but I'm grateful for the peace of mind Action's work provided."

"My company in was considering a significant partnership, but we needed to ensure our potential partners were reliable. We hired Action Detective for corporate due diligence. Their investigators conducted a thorough background check, assessing the company's financial health, legal standing, and market reputation. The comprehensive report we received was instrumental in making an informed decision, ultimately leading to a successful partnership. They did great work, highly recommended"

"I was going to buy a property in Uttar Pradesh but heard rumors of disputed ownership. To avoid any future legal issues, Being a NRI it was difficult for me to verify my concerns so I engaged Action Detective for verification. They researched property records, previous transactions, and legal disputes across several districts in the state. Their detailed report confirmed the property was free of issues, helping me to continue with the purchase confidently. Their statewide service was thorough and reliable."

"Their detectives were very helpful when my uncle went missing and the local authorities was unable to find him for more than 5 years. They initiated a missing person investigation, utilizing local contacts and surveillance techniques. Their persistent efforts led to locating my relative in a nearby city, who had unfortunately become disoriented and lost. Their quick response and effective investigation were a relief to my family during a distressing time. they found my uncle working in a factory in a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Thank you very much."

"I approached them for assistance in gathering evidence for a pending divorce case. The sensitivity and professionalism they showed while conducting surveillance to document my spouse's extramarital affair were commendable. The evidence they provided was crucial in my legal proceedings, allowing me to secure a favorable outcome. Their discreet and effective service made a difficult situation a little easier to navigate."

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We specialize in delivering investigative solutions to address the unique needs of our clients in Bareilly. Our mission is clear: to help individuals & businesses in navigating complex situations by providing accurate, reliable, and actionable information.

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Answers to Common Detective and Investigation Queries in Bareilly

We offer a variety of investigative services including personal investigations like pre-matrimonial, post-matrimonial, and loyalty tests, as well as corporate services like asset verification and employee background checks.

You can contact us by visiting our contact page or by calling our UP branch office(Lucknow) directly through the phone number listed above.

The cost varies depending on the complexity and requirements of the case. For a detailed quote, please contact us directly so we can understand your specific needs.

Absolutely, maintaining client confidentiality is a cornerstone of our services. We ensure all investigations are handled with utmost secrecy. Our slogan, “Secrecy is our Domain,” reflects this commitment.

The duration of an investigation depends on the case’s complexity. For an estimated timeline tailored to your case, please discuss your situation with us through our contact form.

Yes, we provide regular updates throughout the investigation. Our commitment is to keep you informed at every stage.

Yes, we have a network of detectives across many major cities in India. You can view all our locations here.

Generally no specific legal requirements are needed to start a personal investigation but we require a work order in corporate cases. However, we ensure all actions are ethically and legally conducted. Start by contacting us here.

We handle various corporate investigations, including due diligence, and employee verifications. Detailed information can be found on our corporate services page.

We can gather evidence that can be used in legal proceedings. For more on how we can assist, visit our services page.

Yes, we provide thorough background checks for both personal and corporate purposes. Details can be found here.

To initiate an investigation, please reach out to us via our contact page where you can provide details and speak directly with an expert.

We use proven investigative methods, experienced personnel, and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest accuracy in our investigations.

Our local expertise combined with a nationwide network allows us to handle cases in UP and other areas with great efficiency and effectiveness. More about our approach can be read here.

We provide services for both individuals and corporations. Our range of personal and corporate investigation services can be tailored to meet the needs of any client.

Yes, we have specific services for locating missing persons. For more information, visit our Missing Person Investigation page.