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Divorce Cases with Proofs

The whole of Indian Penal Code and criminal procedure code and the law of evidence are based of substantive proof.

Legal battle is fought in the Court of law but we can collect such information and relevant evidence which can help you collecting evidence and witness required for criminal, civil or administrative. We give audio video proof for the same as far as possible.

This is exactly what the detective agencies do and therefore are always in great demand.

One such case which has traditionally been on the clientele list of detective agencies is divorce cases. Once either of the spouses suspects something fishy against each other or when they simply cannot live together because of intense indifference or misconduct they file for divorce.

However, to get it executed they need to convince the court of law that their allegations indeed are true. Divorce cases can be termed as the staple case for detective agencies. This is true for entire country however in Delhi detective agencies are encountering more such cases.

Perhaps the reason for this upswing in divorce cases in Delhi is because of its fast paced life. No wonder then that detective investigation service in Delhi get far more percentage of divorce cases than any other ones.

Action Detectives is one name that has cemented its place as a leading divorce cases detective investigation service providers in Delhi.