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Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation involves collection of every possible inside information with as much details and evidences as feasible then vet, collate and construct a comprehensive profile of the adversary, for the corporate clients.

We offer a wide range of Corporate Investigation services to our corporate clients relating to various aspects of their operations. Corporate Investigations include a gamut of services related to both Employees and Competitors and have become intrinsic for all businesses, be it big or small and local or global.

Corporate Investigation Services Corporate Investigators are hired by companies to do pre-employment verifications and post-employment verifications of employees. Their services are also requested for Labor Cases, Under Cover Operations, Retainer ships, Insurance Claims Verifications, Pilferage and Theft Cases.

In this module, we acquire operational intelligence, without anybody knowing in the company, by deploying our qualified and experienced investigators under the cover of routine employees. They will become part of the system and thus acquire hands on intelligence to:

Identify inadequacies in systems and procedures,
Analyze management processes,
Complaints root cause analysis,
Technical appraisal of operations, technology, machines,
Financial irregularities and frauds,
Pilferage and theft of goods and information,
Performance and integrity appraisal of employees,
Identify bottlenecks and wastages,
EHS (Environment, Health and Security) audit,
Acquire proofs and evidences in support of observations,
Strategic recommendation for improvements,
Implementation and execution of progressive strategies.