Action Detective Network
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WHo We are!

We have been around from the days when organized detective services did not exist. Since then ADN has widened its wings with branches all over India and associates all over the world. We operate through eleven well equipped branches in India which is more than any other detective agency in India.

Our Clients includes Indian Corporates, MNCs, VVIPs, Consulates, Politicians, NRIs, Foreign Nation Individuals, SMEs, Banks, Financial Institutions and Indian Nationals. We are professionals from various background including Ex-Policeman, lawyer, retired Army/ Navy officers, Chartered Accountant and forensic science.

Being the leader in the industry, we employ investigator who are highly experienced in their field of investigation. We have a three-tier system. Initially an investigator is kept as second assistant to our investigator. After successful completion of one year he is promoted as First assistant. After serving for 5 years, he becomes the senior investigator. After completion of 10, years he may become the Chief Investigator.

Our Network is the strongest point and an advantage which separate us from rest of the detective agencies. We understand that without a strong presence, a detective agency is handicapped and that is the reason we have eleven branches across India. Additionally, we have nodal branches to reach out to interior parts of India. ADN is in existence for more than four decades, which speaks for itself.

Due to sheer number of cases, we have formed different cells to bring more professionalism and expedite the process of investigation. Each cell is headed by an investigator who has at least 5 years of experience in that particular field.

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